Believe it or not, you can start a successful home business without any expertise or special gifts in an area like writing or creating. It is very possible to make a comfortable living from home simply by selling everyday items to every day people. All that is required is hard work and identifying the needs of others.

There are several items that are available in wholesale that can be purchased and sold at a profit. The key is to identify these items, and where they can be purchased at good prices. Some companies may even offer a start up kit to new home business owners. After you have determined a product, the next step will be to select a distribution method. First, lets take a look at some of the items that are selling well for individuals these days.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses continue to gain in popularity. They can be marketed in several ways. Their appeal as fashionable apparel has been obvious since the advent of the silver screen, and almost everyone feels a little cooler just by donning some shades. They are also marketable as safety items, which can help protect the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Lastly, sunglasses are very easy to lose, and thus most people will purchase several pairs over one season. The downside to selling shades is that they are really only popular during the summer months, so if you choose to concentrate on this item you will have to be prepared for some slow months and a few very very busy ones. There are several wholesalers that offer start up kits and good prices on shades, including Solar Sunglasses and L.E.X. Wholesale, Inc.

Craft Items: There is no bigger hobby in North America right now than crafts. For reasons that defy the logic that most males live by, women are absolutely crazy about crafting and the direct benefits of this can be seen in the areas of stamping and scrap booking. Scrap booking is the biggest in craft fads right now, and that is great news for the potential home business operator. Scrapbooks incorporate most areas of craft, from painting to stamping and all area in between. A small operator can purchase many different types of craft supplies, from special scissors to generic stamps and ink pads, and different styles of paper. Marketed correctly, most scrap bookers will wonder how they ever did without some of the items you sell. There is also a great potential here for referrals and repeat business.

Tea: Thats right, I said tea! Once the symbol of American rebellion, tea is finally taking its place in American culture. This should not be too surprising, given the popularity of the confectionery in the rest of the world. The advent of the popularity of tea in the United States is probably attributable to the many health benefits that can be derived from certain types, such as herbal and green teas. Tea is a great mark up item and the competition is not yet too stiff for people to make a good profit.