SQL Server Database

Robust SQL Server Database system backed up automatically each day

Electronic Shelf Labeling

Update product shelf price labels with the touch of a button

Stand Alone POS Database

Each POS terminal is designed to operate regardless of the status of local network or Internet connectivity

Auto-Costing System

Prices and re-prices entire products table in minutes

Responsive Support

Support team based in Australia

Efficient Product Replacement

Easy, quick and efficient product replacement and receiving system

Trigger Marketing

Trigger based welcome and miss-you marketing to your customer database

Website Data Exchange

Auto website data exchange of sales and product information

Margin Based Loyalty Scheme

Tiered loyalty scheme based on margins at point of sale

SQL Server Database

In addition to SQL Server being a robust database solution, you can also interact with your data more directly, by using SQL Server Management Studio, a Windows app designed to easily query and explore your data tables. For those who know how, you can write SQL scripts, re-use them across your different databases, and explore the data tables in a spreadsheet-like interface.

Then, using the companion Report Builder app, you can turn your data into reports that can then be displayed in a web viewer with SQL Server Reporting Services. It’s a simple way to turn your data into informative reports to quickly see how your business is performing.

For the most advanced data workloads, or for simpler internal reporting, SQL Server is designed to simplify your data management. It can store your data wherever you want, pull it all together when you need it, and turn it into reports in a few clicks, so you can focus on taking action on your data instead of trying to find it.

Electronic Shelf Labeling

Pricing updates are determined and deployed from your in-store Point of Sale system’s server.

Updates from your system are passed on to the in-store transmitters, from here the data is transmitted via high speed radio frequency, to each corresponding label.

The digital displays on labels are updated automatically, displaying new pricing information, discount and offer messaging, QR codes or other initiatives. Updating prices in real-time, means that your displayed prices will always be in sync with your point of sale system, keeping your customers happy and your business compliant.

Such efficiency means that you can leverage more advanced pricing strategies in order to optimise in-store sales.

Save Time & Money

Almost all costs associated with label price changes disappear. Updating prices digitally involves no in store labour – all prices can be defined, deployed automatically. With no need for printing, your paper, ink and hardware costs are also removed from the equation.

Accurate & Reliable

Managing price changes electronically is not only an efficient method, it’s a much more reliable one as well. With human error removed from the equation, you’ll never lose revenue through inaccurate pricing again.

Flexible & Efficient

The flexibility of electronic shelf labels mean that sales can be optimised, by taking advantage of advanced pricing strategies, such as time of day and event based pricing and automated price changes.


  • Change prices based on current stock levels
  • Change prices to match fluctuating market values
  • Competitive response pricing
  • Adjustments for perishable stock
  • Ensure consistency between online and in store pricing

Stand Alone POS Database

In a POSActive system, each Point of Sale terminal has it’s own standalone SQL Server Database.

This is what provides your POS terminal the ability to continue to make sales even though your local area network is down or not available, and/or your Internet connection is not available.

Short of hardware failure on your POS terminal, your POS will always be available. In the advent, your local area network is down, no data will be lost. When the network is available, data replication from and to your server will continue.

Auto-Costing System

To manually keep on top of prices and margins would be an impossible task.

POSActive’s Auto Costing Price Maintenance functionality, allows a business’s entire inventory to be automatically priced whenever necessary.

Selling prices can be set working in dissections, brands or individually, by presetting an underlying matrix of rules. As cost prices invariably go up, selling prices are adjusted to maintain gross margins automatically.

Quantity selling breaks and prices, and all other discount schemes are adjusted during this process.

If selling prices are varied, a new shelf talker barcode label is sent to the Barcode Printing area, from where new labels can be printed.

Needless to say, this POSActive functionality alone accomplishes in a few minutes what would be impossible to accomplish without an army of personnel.

Responsive Support

POSActive provides comprehensive support to ensure that your applications continue to work in the way they were intended.

Support offered is based in Australia, and every effort is made to respond quickly.

As the support team are the creators of the POSActive solution, there is no one better able to answer questions on software and system functionality, and ways to effectively integrate POSActive with third party applications.

If you have a problem, send POSActive a support ticket, or if its urgent, call us, there will be someone to take your call.

Efficient Product Replacement

POSActive’s Stock-to-Orders-to-Stock system of replacement of stock is the fastest method of dealing with the tedious task of keeping your shelves stocked with products.

Products can be quickly added by replacing stock sold within a date window, or by analysing your products minimum and maximum values or just by adding a single product.

The above process can be processed and emailed to your supplier very quickly.

Trigger Based Marketing

One way to ensure optimisation of your customer database, is to keep in touch with your customers.

For example, an Email or SMS message issuing a complimentary gift to welcome a new customer when they join your loyalty club, helps build a connection with your customer.

Or perhaps when a customer has not visited your store for 90 days, issuing a complimentary $10 voucher in an Email or SMS message will bring your customer back to your store.

Or perhaps advising your customer about allied products that may interest them, again using Email or SMS messaging.

POSActive’s Trigger Based engine allows configuration of the triggers that automate these processes.

Website Data Exchange

Populating your website with product and customer information from your Point of Sale system can be a time consuming process.

Extracting sales data from your website and inserting into your Point of Sales system is also another time consuming task that needs to be undertaken.

POSActive has automated both of these tasks so that data exchange between your system and your website occurs automatically.

POSActive’s automated data exchange works in the background according to a user defined schedule, every day or every hour, or some other time interval.

Margin Based Loyalty Scheme

POSActive’s loyalty schemes can be based on a fixed percentage of the sale amount or a tiered system based on the available gross profit margin available at the point of sale.

The margin based system protects your business by ensuring that further discounts are not made on heavily discounted products during special sale days or extended catalogue sales. All this occurs dynamically, without the users input.

Loyalty points values, minimum and maximum loyalty voucher values and voucher valid periods are all configurable to ensure a good fit to your business. And best of all, the loyalty voucher is automatically issued right at the point of sale when the minimum voucher value has been reached.