Orion is a Line Interactive UPS with 5 Australian three pin socket outlets. Three of these are battery supported, uninterruptible power outlets. This allows for critical equipment like computers, monitors and modems to be protected from power outages as well as power spikes and surges. Simultaneously, less critical peripherals including printers and scanners may be surge protected with the same unit by plugging directly into the two surge protected outlets.

There is also provision to surge protect devices connected to the telephone service, such as phone, fax and modem.

The UPS can be operated in a vertical or horizontal position and there are also facilities for wall mounting (ideal for PABX).

  • Secures your data from loss
  • Fast charging in 4 hours (to 90%)
  • Built in Smart RS232 and USB port
  • Network/Modem Surge Protection
  • User-Replaceable Battery Design
  • DC Start Function
  • Audible Warning – Abnormal Conditions
  • Compact Design and Versatile Arrangement, for limited working environment
  • Comprehensive Warranties
  • 3 year warranty on UPS, 2 year warranty on the battery