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Remove headaches to grow
your retail business faster

Retailers all over Australia have found that a POS system, which removes headaches gives you energy to grow your business faster.

A complete retail management system

POSActive isn’t just POS. It’s a complete retail management system with everything you need to manage a retail business efficiently.

  • POS is your point of sale component.
  • BackOffice is your back-office administration, bookkeeping, inventory management and pricing system.
  • HeadOffice manages multiple stores with convenient features like automated product transfers and product replication.

Choose the best solution for your business

POSActive offers 4 different packages, tailored to fit your business.

Compact Single-POS Solution

Ideal for smaller retail businesses that don’t process hundreds of transactions a day.

Gives you:

  • Single POS system with all required POS equipment
  • POS, BackOffice and HeadOffice contained within a single computer

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Ideal for most retail stores.

Gives you:

  • Two POS systems with all required POS equipment
  • Separate BackOffice computer and dedicated server

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Ideal for large retail stores requiring multiple POS systems, back-office computers and a dedicated server.

Gives you:

  • Up to 99 POS systems with all required POS equipment
  • As many back-office computers as required
  • Dedicated server
  • All systems offer redundancy (i.e. able to run independently)

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Ideal for running multiple stores.

Gives you:

  • Multi-store system suitable for chains of up to 999 stores
  • All stores connected via Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Selected data can be replicated in all stores in almost real-time
  • Each store able to operate as an independent business or partially/totally controlled by head office
  • Highly configurable to suit company’s specific needs

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POSActive Essentials gives you choice. You pay only for what you need.

Choose from two cost-effective packages.

  1. POSActive software Essentials – lets you use our innovative retail software while sourcing your own equipment or using equipment you already own.
  2. POSActive hardware essentials – gives you the necessary hardware and equipment in a cost-effective package to get you started.

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Unsure, which solution is best for you?

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions:

1300 889 084

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