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About POSActive

The number one POS solution for making retailing easy, headache-free and stress-free

POSActive is an innovative and customer-focused creator of point of sale and retail management software systems based in Australia.

Founded in 2001, POSActive has focused on listening to what retailers really need. This focus has been enormously successful with retailers all over Australia taking up POSActive as their POS system of choice.

Customers like that POSActive automatically does a lot of the things, which they need to have done, which existing solutions fail to do.

Thousands of innovative features have been combined to make POSActive the number one solution for making retailing easy, headache-free and stress-free. 

“We put a lot of functionality into this software that everyday retailers need for their business”- Mike Mayo, founder, POSActive

POSActive places greatest value on ensuring each and every customer is happy with the solution provided.

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“Our customer rewards program is flexible and attractive to our customers as well as allowing us to weight our rewards towards our most profitable stock lines. We have an excellent loyalty program and have increased our gross profit by approximately 2%”
EW Ulladulla NSW

Mr Vitamins Chatswood Sydney

Lintons Nursery Mount Eliza Melbourne

“Support and development from POSActive is unheard of with any other product we’ve used. POSActive spends an enormous amount of time enhancing the product. It is unreal.”
NA Wynyard Sydney

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