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Enjoy headache-free retailing with POSActive Point of Sales System - Provider of a fully capable POS Software in Australia

Also providing Point of Sale in Sydney, Melbourne and other major cities

How great would a retail business without headaches be?

POSActive’s point of sale system removes the biggest headaches from your business with innovative features we developed after talking to retailers all over Australia.

Here’s how you can experience stress-free retailing:

POS that packs a punch

A quick and powerful POS helps you maximise every transaction with potent features such as companion product lists, membership programs, gift vouchers and selling scripts.

Pro-active retail marketing

Increase customer traffic with powerful and easy to use retail marketing tools. Send email, SMS and direct mail campaigns from your POS to advertise new products, promotions and special sales direct to your customers.

Pro-active customer retention

Customers can be tough to win but easy to lose.

POSActive uses spend and frequency analysis to predict when customers are falling off so you can send them a special offer or voucher to draw them back.

This can make a big impact on your profits.

Automated back-office

Blitz through product orders, re-pricing and other tedious tasks quickly and easily. POSActive’s smart back-office automates many of your admin tasks so they take very little of your time.

Pain-free bookkeeping

POSActive integrates with your accounting software to make bookkeeping as quick and painless as possible. A few mouse clicks transfers all figures to your preferred accounting package.

Remote access so you can relax

Remote access means you can do most admin tasks – including product orders, accounting, re-pricing and POS editing – from anywhere with an internet connection,whether you’re in Melbourne and your business is in Sydney. 

It also lets you track your sales by the hour so you can keep your finger on the pulse and be responsive to market changes.

Real people support

POSActive is developed and supported in Australia so when you call us [1300 889 084] you’ll likely speak with its creator.

We take care of all aspects of installation including hardware, software, data-entry and training so you can hit the ground running. You’ll always get personal support promptly so you can focus on running your business and not fixing problems.

Get it right the first time

A fully-capable POS system is crucial.  Many new retailers soon realise that a cheap or basic POS system is inadequate. Replacing an old system can be complex and disruptive to the business.

That’s why you need to get it right the first time.

We believe in providing excellent value so you’ll soon discover that POSActive lets you get it right the first time without a big cost.

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